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Specialised Cloud Solutions for your business

Unleashing power of cloud

Migrate your business to cloud and grow faster.


Scale your business without worrying about infrastructure.

Save money and earn more.

Save money on your infrastructure and computational power.

Strong partnership

Strong partnership with one of the biggest Cloud Computing companies, Google, with personalised care from us.


Make your customer’s and your company’s data more secure.


Let us transfer our knowledge to you, so you can make better decisions for your business.

Migrations to Cloud



Cloud is a great way to grow and scale your startup fast. Just ask Snapchat, which relies on Google Cloud. If you have an idea, we can build it for you, with you. Let us help you, so you can build great features for a new billion dollar company. Contact us for special treatment :)

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Why us?

Less is More is based on a small team with many years of experience in cloud computing. We believe in personal relationship with our customers and our engineers are available to support you at any time. No going through an intern with no knowledge of your business. Our dedicated team has close partnership with cloud computing providers, like Google, ensuring your needs are met. If you want Google Cloud personalised and tailored for your idea, we are the team for you.

Less is More was founded by Panayiotis Lipiridis after many years of assisting startups and big companies with cloud computing. With strong partnership with Google, Panayiotis has brought power of Google to small start-ups, growing them into multi-million dollar companies. The team is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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